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Four-ball Ep test equipment for grease testing (ASTM D2596)

Four-ball Ep test equipment for grease testing (ASTM D2596)

    • Four-ball Ep test equipment for grease testing (ASTM D2596)
    • Four-ball Ep test equipment for grease testing (ASTM D2596)
    • Four-ball Ep test equipment for grease testing (ASTM D2596)
  • Four-ball Ep test equipment for grease testing (ASTM D2596)

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: AI
    Certification: ISO
    Model Number: AIC-892

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: 1000-5000
    Packaging Details: Plywood Case
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, Western Union, T/T
    Supply Ability: 20 Sets/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Test Standard: ASTM D2596,ASTM D2266,ASTM D 2783,ASTM D4172 Diameter Of Steel Ball: 12.7
    Total Power: 1000 W Motor Power: 2.2kw
    Test The Amount Of Oil: 10ml Rotation Accuracy: <15r/min
    Friction: 200N Microscope Magnification: 25×200
    Wear Scar Measurement Range: 0~10mm Keyword: Four Ball Ep Test

    This four ball EP test machine uses four Ф12.7mm standard steel balls evaluate the load-bearing capacity and anti-wear performanceof lubricants (including oil film strength PB, sintering load PD, comprehensive wear value ZMZ, Long-term wear D and other indexes).The influence of temperature on the lubricating performance of lubricants can also be measured.

    Main feature
    1.The 4 ball EP test machine adopts double floating bearing technology, no-clearance guiding technology and buffer cross-balancing technology to ensure the precision of real-time tracking measurement of test force and friction force.
    2.The main shaft is driven by a branded servo motor, and the related transmission components are also imported precision bearings.
    3.Using independent embedded industrial controller, industrial metal touch screen, and collecting independent analysis modules, which can effectively guarantee the effect of the equipment on the performance of the control part when the equipment is high-speed or the oil film is ruptured and violently vibrated.
    4.This four ball EP test machine is convenient to realize the capture of the wear scar, the measurement and analysis of the friction surface profile, and directly save the wear spot images.
    5.The test software can establish professional test programs according to different standards, and can also judge the Pb value according to the size of the wear scar, and has the function of saving and exporting data tables.
    6.Large screen touch operation, real-time dynamic collection, professional data processing.
    7.The expandable friction pair of the spindle meets a variety of related standards.
    8.Long guide shaft, double bearing support, accurate test force, stable and reliable.
    9.Special weight stop groove to prevent weight accidental falling off and causing damage.
    10.3 million digital CCD probe pixels is equipped with the 4 ball EP test machine.

    Technical specifications

    Model AIC-2783 four ball EP test machine
    Applicable standard GB/T3142,GB/T12583,SH/T0189,SH/T0202,SH/T0204;
    ASTM D2596,ASTM D2266,ASTM D 2783,ASTM D4172
    Test force 10000N
    Below 4% of test force,indication error ±5N
    Above 4% of test force,the relative error of the indicated value ±1%
    Friction 200N
    Temperature range Ambient~250ºC
    Temperature control range ±3ºC
    Range of rotation 300~1800r/min
    Accuracy of rotation <15r/min
    Oil volume for test 10ml
    Diameter of steel ball φ12.7
    Motor power 2.2kW
    Time display and control range 1S~9999min
    Wear spots measurement software Automatically capture wear spots, save and measure the average
    Microscope magnification 25* 200
    Wear spots measuring range 0~10mm
    Wear spots measuring accuracy 0.001mm
    Test force loading method Front weight loading
    Force retention mechanism Self-balancing without clearance guide
    The relative error of the displayed value of friction ≤±2%
    Wear scar measurement microscope Electronic measuring system
    Dimension 1300*490*1220(mm)


    Accessories List

    No. Name Specifications Quantity
    1 Four Ball EP Test Machine   1 Set
    2 Normal temperature oil box   1 PC
    3 High temperature oil box Including heater,platinum resistance 1 PC
    4 Test force weight   1 PC
    5 Mouse   1 PC
    6 Friction sensor 100N   1 PC
    7 Spring chuck   2 PCS
    8 Special steel ball Ф12.7 200 PCS
    9 Top ball device   1 Set
    10 Power cable   1 Set
    11 Damping pad iron (Anchor nut)   4 Sets
    12 Wear scar video measuring instrument   1 Set
    13 Tool box   1 PC
    14 Stainless steel medium waist plate   1 PC
    15 Stainless steel small waist plate   1 PC
    16 Square wrench   1 PC
    17 Cover head socket wrench   1 PC
    18 Steel ball tweezers   1 PC
    19 Hammer   1 PC
    20 Oil box pressing ring lifting rod   1 PC
    21 Lifting screw   4 PC
    22 Hair dryer   1 PC
    23 User manual   1 Copy

    Contact Details
    Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd

    Contact Person: Mrs. Sandy

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