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Good quality Flammability Testing Equipment for sales
Good quality Flammability Testing Equipment for sales
It is a quality piece of equipment provided by a company with excellent customer service.

—— Don Heyn

We fully included the flammability chamber in our daily business. The chamber works well and we are very happy with it.

—— Sven Fleddermann

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Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd
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Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd

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Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd

  • Production Line

    Advcaned Instruments Co., mainly specialized in producing and supplying below three product lines:Petroleum products testing equipment,electrical diagnosis instrument and fire resistance test apparatus.



    Electrical Testing Equipment mainly includes:

    1. Transformer Ratio Meter

    2. Insulating Oil BDV Tester

    3. Tangent Delta Analyzer

    4. CT&PT Analyzer

    5. DC Winding Resistance Meter

    6. Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

    7. Load and No-load Tester

    8. Contact Resistance Tester

    9. Circuit Breaker Analyzer

    10. Vacuum Degree Tester

    11. On-load Tap Changer Analyzer

    12. Insulating Gloves and Boots Tester

    13. Secondary Injection Test Set

    14. Primary Injection Test Set

    15. DC High Voltage Generator

    16. Very Low Frequency Tester VLF

    17. AC/DC Hipot Tester

    18. Cable Fault Locator

    19. Insulation Resistance Meter Multimeter

    20. Earth Resistance Meter


    Petroleum Products Testing Equipment mainly includes:

    1. Kinematic Viscometer

    2. COC Flash Point Tester

    3. PMCC Flash Point Tester

    4. Water Content Tester

    5. Karl Fischer Titrator

    6. XRF Sulfur Content Tester

    7. Distillation Tester

    8. Density Tester

    9. Pour Point Tester

    10. Vapour Pressure Tester

    11. Existent Gum Tester

    12. Oxidation Stability Tester

    13. Penetrometer

    14. Foam Characteristics Tester

    15. Copper Strip Corrosion Tester

    16. Carbon Residue Tester

    17. Demulsibility Characteristics Tester

    18. Color Tester

    19. TAN&TBN Tester

    20. Calorific Value Meter

    21. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

    22. Surface Tension Meter

    23. Air Release Value Tester

    24. Softening Point Tester

    25. Ductility Tester

    26. Rolling Thin Film Oven

    27. Asphalt Tenacity Tester

    28. Marshall Stability Tester

    29. Wheel-Track Tester

    30. Centrifugal Extractor



    Fire Testing Equipment

    1.Cone Calorimeter

    2.Flooring Radiant Panel Tester

    3.Single Burning Items

    4.Non Combustibility Tester

    5.Ignitability Tester

    6.Limited Oxygen Index Meter

    7.NBS Smoke Density Chamber

    8.Fire Propagation Index Tester

    9.Surface Spread Flame tester

    10.Smoke Density Tester

    11.Spread of Flame Tester

    12.3 Metre Cube Smoke Density Apparatus

    13.Single Cable Vertical Flame Tester

    14.Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Tester

    15.Cable Fire Resistance Tester

    16.Halogen Acid Gas Release Tester

    17.Steiner Tunnel Test Apparatus

    18.45° Flammability Tester

    19.Textile Vertical Flammability Tester

    20.Vehicle Interior Flammability Apparatus

    21.Dripping Tester

    22.Glow Wire Tester

    23.ISO1716 Bomb Calorimeter

    24.UL1581 Vertical Wire Flame Tester

    25.Curtain Flame Propagation Tester

    26.IEC60112 Tracking Tester

    27.Needle Flame Tester IEC 60695

    28.CCAR 25 Aviation Parts Combustion Tester

    29.Vertical Fire Resistance Test Furnace

    30.Horizontal Fire Resistance Test Furnace


    Advanced Instruments Co.,Ltd. would like to have distributors in other countries,and we also supply OEM or ODM service if you want.

  • R&D

    Our company has 15~20 stuffs in R&D department,and we also cooperated with Germany company Cadon since 2008.With their advanced tehnology and design,our machines are more beautiful and reliable othen others.

    And all our main technicians are highly-educated,they know these products very well ,and some technicians can also speak English,which is seldom in China.It makes our pre-service and after-service are much easier.

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