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ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590

ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590

    • ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590
    • ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590
    • ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590
  • ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: AI
    Certification: ISO
    Model Number: AIC-9705

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Plywood case
    Delivery Time: 60 days
    Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, L/C
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    Detailed Product Description
    Test Standard: ASTM C1822,ASTM E1537,ASTM C1590 Size Of Test Room: 3660 ± 25mm In Length, 3050 ± 25mm In Width And 2438 ±25mm In Height.
    Size Of Door: 2032 ± 6 Mm High And 965 ± 6 Mm Wide Quartz Glass Monitor Window: 150x150mm
    Conical Collector Size: 3000mm X 3000mm, Height 1000mm Measuring Range Of O2: 0-100%
    Measuring Range Of CO2: 0-10% Measuring Range Of CO: 0-1%
    Imported Filters: (25%, 50%, 79%) Warranty: 1 Year

    Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter



    This large calorimeter is designed according to ASTM1537-16,ASTM C1822-17,ASTMC1590-17, this calorimeter can complete the combustion performance test of soft furniture mattress exposed to flame ignition source.

    The test part of the calorimeter can meet the requirements of ASTM1537-16,ASTM C1822-17,ASTMC1590-17 and Test Method for Solid Room Fire of Surface Products"



    • GB/T 34441-2017
    • GB/T 20286-2006
    • GA 111-1995
    • ISO 9705-2 Reaction-to-fire tests — Full-scale room tests for surface products
    • GB/T 27904-2011
    • ASTM E1537-16: Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Upholstered furnite
    • ASTM C1590-17: Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Mattresses
    • ASTM C1822-17: Standard Test Method for Fire Testing of Stacked Chairs


    Main features

    1.Testing room:

    Stucture of test room


    (CFR 1633 standard requires test room can be built as closed or open)

    Material of test room It is made of rock wool board. There are no openings except door and video surveillance windows
    Size of test room 3660 ± 25mm in length, 3050 ± 25mm in width and 2438 ±25mm in height.
    Size of door 2032 ± 6 mm high and 965 ± 6 mm wide.
    Quartz glass monitor window 150x150mm
    • The fume hood is located outside the door (smoke outlet) to collect smoke;

    Open test room:

    • The fume hood is positioned directly above the sample and the bottom edge is 2400 mm away from the ground.
    • Conical collector size: 3000mm X 3000mm, height 1000mm
    • The conical collector has 900mm X 900mm X 900mm X 900mm cubic mixing chamber on the top, and the mixer is installed inside


    2.The smoke exhaust pipe consists of a diversion section (x2), a straight section, a measuring section and a fan

    The measuring section is equipped with wind speed probe, thermocouple, optical system and sampler.

    Smoke exhaust capacity of fan is not less than 0.5m³/s


    Control cabinet

    • 19 inch standard cabinet, simple appearance, science and technology
    • Control system center, integrated computer, display, analyzer, cold trap, control and data acquisition system.
    • 19 inch display, Labview control software, electronic control and pneumatic configuration panel.
    • Computer: CPU I3, memory 4G, hard disk 500G Win7/Win10 system
    • This large furnite calorimeter is equipped with imported analyzer (domestic analyzer is optional)
      • Measurement of Gas Concentration of O2, CO2 and CO.
      • O2:The range is 0-100%, the error is less than 0.01%, the repeatability is less than 0.01%, and the response time is less than 7s.
      • CO2: Range: 0-10%, error: 1% FS, repeatability < 2%, response time < 7s;
      • CO: range 0-1%, error 1% FS, repeatability < 1%, response time < 8s.
    • Optical system, one-button 5-level automatic transmittance calibration device;
    • Light Source: 0.5mW Laser Generator
    • Imported Silicon-based Amplified Photoelectric Detector
    • Imported filters (25%, 50%, 79%)
    • Motor Driven Optical Wheel and Positioning Device
    • Wind Speed Control System
      • Two-way probe, 304 stainless steel, 32mm in length and 14mm in diameter, separated into two separate chambers
      • Imported Micro-differential Pressure Transmitter, Range 0-2000 Pa, Resolution 1%FS
      • Three-phase frequency converter fan, closed-loop control of frequency converter, wind speed can be set, adjustable
    • Gas sampling system
      • Sampler, 304 Stainless Steel
      • Ash filter, secondary filter, precision filter (0.2um), three-stage filter system, remove impurity particles in sample gas.
      • Refrigerator, compressor condenser, precise control of the temperature of gas collected at 4℃±1℃, condensation dewatering
      • Deep filtration of moisture in sample gas by discolored silica gel
      • Aspirator pump:gas sampling system adopts sampling diaphragm pump displacement of 10L/min~50L/min.
    • Gas control system
      • Square Burner for ASTM 1537-16
    • Burner:consisting of two T-shaped burners as per ASTM C1822-17 and ASTMC1590-17.
    • Mass Flow Controller
      • Mass Flow Controller, control the Gas Flow Accurately.
      • T burner, flow rate 12L/min.
      • Square burner, flow rate 13L/min.
    • Ignition Controller
      • 15KV High Voltage Pulse Electron Fire
      • Flame detection function, ignition failure or flame extinction, the controller will automatically cut off the gas valve.
    • Weighing system (optional)
      • Weighing platform, range 0-100kg,accuracy 150g;
      • Waterproof design of weighing system to prevent damage to heavy system during fire fighting;
    • Video recording
      • 12 Megapixel HD Camera
      • Video Recording Software
    • The interface of LABVIEW is modern, simple and rich in functions.
      • The software adopts modular design, independent modules such as system setup, system calibration, test, test report, etc.
      • The test data can be read by engineering units and physical units, and displayed by data windows and curves and charts.
      • The data you want to view can be selected by checking.
      • Provide preview function of test report, which can be printed or saved as Excel or PDF.
      • Test parameters can be viewed and corrected.
      • The test curve can be scaled and dragged.
      • The original data, test results and test reports are provided.ASTM C1822 Stacked Chairs Fire Resistance Test Calorimeter ASTM E1537 ASTM C1590

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