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Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment by IEC 60076-11

Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment by IEC 60076-11

    • Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment by IEC 60076-11
    • Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment by IEC 60076-11
    • Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment by IEC 60076-11
  • Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment by IEC 60076-11

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: AI
    Certification: ISO,CE
    Model Number: TIEC-60076

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: One Transformer Fire Behaviour Classes Test Equipment packed in one plywood case
    Delivery Time: 30 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 20 Sets/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Test Standard: GB1094.11, IEC 60076-11 Test Object: Transformer
    Material Of Test Chamber: Stainless Steel Dimension Of Chamber: 1000 (W) × 2000 (D) X4000(H)mm
    Air Inlet: 800 ± 20 (W) × 400 ± 10 (D)mm Exhaust Port: 300 ± 30 (W) × 1000 ± 100 (D) Mm
    Control: Computer Radiation Panel Temperature: 750 ° C
    Diameter Of Thermocouple: 2mm Lenght Of Air Inlet Duct: More Than 2.6m

    Product introduction
    The Transformer Fire Behaviour Test Equipment is designed in accordance with GB1094.11-2007, IEC 60076-11-2018 and other relevant regulations.
    When a certain flow of intake air is supplied to the box, 24KW radiation illuminance is also provided for the sample. Carry out combustion test on the transformer sample under the condition of alcohol ignition, and record the smoke density in the smoke pipe and the test temperature of the sample. This test equipment is applicable to the combustion test of dry-type power transformers (including autotransformers) with the highest voltage of 40.5KW and below, and at least one winding is higher than 1.1kv, or transformers involved in other relevant standards.

    Reference standards:
    GB1094.11-2007, IEC 60076-11-2018

    Feature of chamber:
    1. Dimension of stainless steel combustion test chamber 1000 ± 100 (W) × 2000 ± 100 (D) X4000 ± 100 (H) mm. The interior surface of the chamber is higher than the ground, and the rear side is paved with thermal insulation materials.
    2. At the lower part of the box, there is an air inlet 800 ± 20 (W) × 400 ± 10 (D) away from the front of the chamber.
    3. Imported thermocouple, K-type armored thermocouple, 2mm in diameter, is installed inside the chamber.
    4. The flue at the top of the box is equipped with an anemometer to monitor the wind speed at the outlet of the combustion chamber.
    5. There is an exhaust port 300 ± 30 (W) × 1000 ± 100 (D) on the top of the chamber, convenient for removing smoke during the test.
    6. The length of air inlet duct is more than 2.6m, and the diameter of smoke pipe is 350mm.The inlet air temperature can be controlled.
    7. The Fire Behaviour Test Equipment is equipped with a standard electrical control cabinet.
    8. Stainless steel smoke exhaust pipe and relevant accessories are supplied.

    Combustion system
    1. Automatic electronic ignition device; It can realize remote automatic ignition.
    2. The Transformer Fire Behaviour Test Equipment is equipped with 24KW adjustable electric heating thermal radiation plate. The radiant panel can move back and forth freely. The distance from the sample can meet the standard requirements.
    3. Radiant panel temperature can reach to 750 ° C.
    4. Real time temperature monitoring in the chamber.
    5. The Transformer Fire Behaviour Test Equipment is equipped with high temperature alarm;

    Control system
    Inlet air temperature control
    1. The Transformer Fire Behaviour Tester is equipped with air inlet temperature control system. Air inlet volume 0.21 × (1±15%)m3/s.
    2. The inlet air temperature shall meet the standard requirements of 15° C~30 ° C.
    3. Equipped with inlet air temperature acquisition and control system.
    4. The Transformer Fire Behaviour Test ApparatusEquipped with imported anemometer, the system controls the inlet air volume in real time.
    5. Frequency conversion fan and imported brand frequency converter are equipped to automatically control the wind speed.
    Smoke density measurement system
    1. Smoke density analysis: measure the smoke density and color temperature 2900 ± 100K with an incandescent light system; Current fluctuation range ± 0.5%; Smoke density value linear output with time compensation function.
    2. The lens gathers the light into a 20mm parallel beam; d/f<0.04.
    3. Photodetectors imported from the United States; The spectral distribution correspondences are consistent with CIE; the accuracy of chromaticity standard function is ± 5%; the output linearity is within 3% of the light transmittance or 1% of the absolute light transmittance.
    4. 90% response time of the system shall not exceed 3s.
    Computer test system
    1. Standard control cabinet, computer+Labview intelligent control system.
    2. The experimental data is stored automatically and can be queried freely; The test report can be printed freely.
    3. The Transformer Fire Behaviour Test Equipment is equipped with automatic air inlet control and wind speed acquisition system.
    4. Equipped with exhaust duct wind speed acquisition system. The exhaust fan can realize automatic smoke exhaust with large air volume after the experiment.
    5. Labwiew control system dedicated to experimental instruments, with friendly interface, easy operation and accurate control; Capable of: displaying instrument status; Calibrate instruments and store calibration results; Collect test data; Calculate the required parameters; Display the results according to the standard requirements; Average of multiple tests.
    6. Data acquisition: real-time digital display and curve screen display of monitoring data (temperature, flow, differential pressure, light transmittance, etc.). The test report module has powerful functions and can preview, edit and generate reports.

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